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Researcher Claims To Have Found New Diabetes Treatment

A new medicine, composed of 32 different herbs has been created for the treatment of diabetes by a researcher in Jordan. Dr. Awad Mansour revealed that the drug he invented is a natural remedy for diabetes patients, pointing out that those taking his medicine had been clinically proven to have lower blood and urine sugar rates.

According to Dr Mansour, the medicine cures all three types of diabetes and the formula is totally natural, free of poisonous substances, has no side effects, regulates sugar rates, and strengthens the body and the heart.

He also contends it protects those that take it from strokes, kidney failure, improves liver function, decreases cholesterol and high fat levels as well as protecting diabetes patients from poor eyesight and/or blindness.

The doctor took the help of a computer programme to combine the drug and its mixture of natural herbs, which he said are found in a number of places in the Kingdom. The formula is currently sold in capsule form.

The researcher said the patent for the drug has been registered, explaining that currently the drug is being manufactured in Canada and sold in several international markets.

Source : The Jordan Times, Sunday, April 20, 2003 Last Modified : Apr 22, 2003.
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