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Diabetes in News  
Firstborn children have a higher risk for diabetes, high BP than younger siblings
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Being the first-born child in a family can spur an overall higher risk for metabolic or cardiovascular disease than the younger siblings.
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Pumpkin smoothie
Gluten free "Sweet" Root Fries
Sugar-free spongy lemon drizzle cake


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Diabetes Weekly Flash

Fatness increases longevity- A silver lining for the obese!

A northern German obesity expert, from the Luebeck University claimed that fat people live longer, “as their brains get more nourishment under stress', compared to those who did not eat when stressed, who were on the contrary, in danger, as it was shown that nutrients in these lean individuals would eventually be taken from their muscles and organs, making it riskier for their overall health and thereby affecting their life expectancy as well. The obese don't have such risks and have a longer longevity simply because their brains are nourished well under stress than the lean skinny ones.

Moreover, the doctor’s observations (published in the book 'Overweight Myths - Why Fat People Live Longer) from the study on the brain and weight related issues for 3 decades had shown that overweight people were better suited to the stresses of modern life as their metabolisms were able to deal with it, and said that ‘it is a myth that fat people die sooner than their thin counterparts. People react to stressful, uncertain circumstances in two different ways; some eat and become fat, while the others refuse food and become thin, and these are the ones who really become ill as the fat ones are, in comparison with the thin ones, much healthier.'

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean fat individuals are protected from risk of diabetes, as he cautioned that sweetened beverages especially the fizzy ones, even for a day increase the risk of diabetes and also suggested that those finding it trouble to exercise at gym can still avoid diabetes by getting up to chat to a colleague, and clarified that being thin in itself was not a problem but those who lost weight under stress were in danger”, thus, commented that 'We have to worry much more about the thin stressed people than about the fat stressed people despite not widely regarded as having a problem, that was precisely due to them being thin. But in fact they die earliest.'

These findings had resulted from the assessment of the 'toxic stress' brought on by the factors outside of an individual's control, such as poverty, bullying, abuse, divorce, low self-esteem and trouble in the workplace. Social imbalances leading towards stress cannot be solved with diets and that a society needs to change but not the fat people.

But, adds that as such there is no ideal weight, since a modern research only reveals the weight diversity and hence every human being has the survival strategy ideal for his or her life and the ostracism of fatness rather piles up unnecessary pressure psychologically, which supports as to why fat individuals are more often bullied.

The idea that slimness equals beauty 'contributes greatly to the misfortunes of the overweight' and that the thin stressed people are the least healthy people and when looked carefully, some fat people who do not seem stressed have most likely found a solution in becoming stress tolerant and in gaining a balanced mood but by having to pay a price, i. e. eating, for which the anti-stress therapies seem effective in the longer term as they can change this behavior of eating and result for a weight loss.

Nonetheless, till date only the link between being overweight and mortality had been studied and can be rightly said that the cause of the mortality is not just in being overweight but in stress.'

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The urine pH of 4 is highly basic
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Most people understand what payday loans boost we urgently need.
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